Horse riding school la Rosa Canina, horse trekking and riding out lake Trasimeno, Umbria

Horse center la Rosa Canina, Panicale. School of horse-riding on the Trasimeno, Perugia.

The riding center La Rosa Canina - Trasimeno - Umbria

Discover the beauty ao Umbria on horse back horse riding through the untouched countryside

The horse riding center is within Farm La Rosa Canina at the heart of the green Umbria. This center has a sand paddock 30x60 mt., a circle, a saddle room, new stables and various paddocks. There are various riding routes, for all levels of horse rider, through the beautiful countryside of Trasimeno park. The center is open all year and organises weekend and week long excursions. The center has good horses for english style or western style.

The center organises:

  • HORSE RIDING escursions that last up and over 2 hours;
  • TREKKING all over Trasimeno park from one day to three days (on request) personalised tour of the park according to the level of itinerary, daily distances, logistic accomodation of horses and riders;
  • RIDING SCHOOL for children and beginners. Proficiency courses, MEETINGS, COMPETITIONS, EXAMS for licences and certificates will take place according to a planned timetable. The instruction follows the rules of the Italian Horse Riding School;